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  • 14/12/2015
    How to Clean Car Speakers

    Car speakers can be difficult to clean. Their mesh or grille covers collect dust that doesn't always come off with a simple dusting. You don't have to hire an expensive auto-detailing company to do this for you. Do it yourself with a vacuum's upholstery attachment.

    Plug your vacuum into your extension cord and take it outside. Connect the upholstery attachment and turn on the vacuum.

    Run the attachment over the surface of each speaker, gently scrubbing the dust free. Check each speaker before moving on to the next to make sure you've gotten all the dust out of the grille.

    Wipe down the surface of the rest of the speaker. Start at the grille and wipe away from it, toward the floor or the windshield. This will prevent you from trailing dust into the grille.