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  • 08/10/2015
    How to Hide Surround Sound Speaker Wire

    Installing surround sound in your home can greatly enhance the sound quality of music, movies and TV you listen to. Once you have all the speakers mounted and connected to your TV and sound system, there will be some very unsightly cords hanging on your walls in between the TV and the speakers throughout the room. It can be very expensive and time consuming to drill and insert these cords in the ceiling area. Hiding surround sound speaker wire is very easy to do with the proper supplies.

    1.Measure the length of all the exposed wires from all the speakers to the sound system connection.

    2.Purchase this length of self-adhesive wire tracks from your local hardware or home store. These wire tracks come in a variety of colors to match your walls. They are long, connecting hollow tracks that are approximately 1 by 1 cm.

    3.Insert the wire in the hollow track. Remove the self-adhesive tape cover on the backside. Stick the tracks along the ceiling/wall corner so they are even less visible. Start at the speaker and connect tracks together all the way back to the sound system.