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  • 20/05/2014
    The Description about the Work of Car Horn

    Car speakers make sound by the vibrating of metal diaphragm. And it make up with iron cores, magnetic coil, contact, restrain, diaphragms, and other components. When the driver hit the button of car speakers, current come through the coil by the contact, and the magnet take down armature, and the diaphragm is forced to moves. Meanwhile, moving armature cause the disconnection of contact and the outage of current, and the magnet of coil disappeared, the diaphragm and armature is reinstated by the flexibility and spring of diaphragm, contact connect with circuit again, with the connection of contacts, the current pass through the coil and cause the production of the magnetic force, by repeating the above action that the current pass through the coil.
    Just as many people's thought, car speakers manufacturers said, car speakers belong to a device of audio signal. Even car speakers are popular with many drivers, after it was produced in factory. The driver can give out an audio signal by the demand and rule from traffic in a special situation that occurs in the process of drive. And the audio signal also has a help for the safe communication. Meanwhile, the other equally important function is the attraction of the concentration from cars and the urgency for pedestrian.
    About the tone of car speakers, the adjustment of tone adopt that the tone is changed by the current that the counter move between iron corn and restrain to multiply or decline the intensity of current. If iron corn and restrain can't keep a situation, like their uniformity, even and straight, rather inclination. Actually, it results a harsh noisy from car speakers, due to the collision between iron corn and restrain in the process of work.
    A study showed something about volume of car speakers. The volume is connected with the intensity of current that pass through the coil. And there is a regular pattern that the intensity of current increase can cause the volume to go to high. On the contrary, low intensity of volume comes true with an adjustment of the contact. And the adjustment that changes the volume and quality of car speakers has an intimate connection. Actually, a repetitive adjustment makes car speakers gain the best voice.
    Car speakers suppliers said, car speakers have a simply structure, small volume, little weight, and car speakers can make a melodious voice. When the car speakers doesn't work, it only needs a simply repair. Nowadays, wholesale car speakers are widely applied to the middle-size car.