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  • 20/05/2014
    Notes for Installing Ceiling Speakers

    Ceiling speaker is an electro-acoustic transducer which is often installed on ceilings, just as the name suggests. Nowadays ceiling speakers are extensively applied in our life to transform the audio-frequency electrical power signals imported by audio power amplifiers into acoustical power signals so that those power signals can be radiated into other spaces, in the form of sound waves. Thus, ceiling speakers are usually applied in public places but they can also apply to places of limited spaces.
    After decades of development, ceiling speakers have fast become the common equipments of hotels, factories, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, clubs, villas and other places, serving as the sound devices for background music, fire control broadcast, public service broadcasting and so on. Under the background of ceiling speakers' increasing popularization, it is becoming more and more important for us to learn about the related knowledges of ceiling speakers, especially the notes for installing ceiling speakers. And the following are several tips centering on the installation of ceiling speakers, which should be well observed during the installation procedure.
    1. The arrangement of wires is the first thing we should pay attention to during the installation procedure. For the wiring of ceiling speakers, we need to leave marks that distinguish speaker wires from other wires so that it can be more convenient for the subsequent maintenance. In addition, we need to take the positions of lamps, fire sprinklers and air conditioner's air outlets into account when determining the position of the speaker point.
    2. There are also some installation notes needing our attention about ceiling speakers' open pores during the installation procedure. Firstly, we should use an appropriative tapper to conduct the installation. Then, we need to design the open hole caliber according to the operating instructions. And the ceiling speaker should not be installed too tight, otherwise the gypsum boards are easy to get damaged.
    3. As for the specific installation of the ceiling speaker, we had better conduct it with particular attention after the paintwork is finished. And during the installation procedure, we need to pay attention to coordinate with the schedules of other types of work, preventing from any design error.
    4. With the fast development of ceiling speaker suppliers and ceiling speaker manufacturers, people have put forward more and more high requirements about the performances of ceiling speakers. Thus, the system debugging is definitely needed after the installation. And we should check the wiring before switching on the speaker. And then, a performance checking according to the operation instructions is required.