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  • 12/06/2014
    Mobile Phone Loudspeaker Let Us Listen to Music Whenever and Wherever Possible

    Speakers  are one of the most weak parts in the audio equipments, but for the acoustics, it is one of the most important parts. In any audio system, the final sound quality depends on the speaker. If the sound system is connected with a speaker of the poor quality, even encoding on the most advanced storage device, using the top tape drives and amplifiers to play,it sounds bad for a good recording sound. It carries the electronic signals on the CD, tape and DVDS and transforms them into the true voice which our  humanbeings can hear .
    It is very important to have a good speaker for our smart phones. In the crowded cars and crowds, playing loud music really disgusts people, but you must also hope  that when using a hands-free phones,you can have a clear sound quality. Whether you are using a mobile phone to play video for others, or want to make some atmosphere in the open-air beer garden of a bar , I believe that the speaker on your  mobile phone must come in handy.
    The speaker is a kind of electroacoustic device converting the electrical signals into the sound signals. The mobile  phone's speaker, as the name suggests, is the speaker used on the mobile phone.Of course, the telephone speaker is a speaker used on the telephone.

    There are many telephone speaker suppliers and telephone speaker manufacturers in the market.It is not easy to buy a high quality speaker for your mobile phone or telephone.The telephone speaker parts are nearly the same as the mobile phone's.

    There are many kinds of speakers , although they work in different ways , but in the end they are generated by mechanical vibration to promote the surrounding air,fluctuating the air medium so as to realize the conversion of "electro - mechanical - sound".They have the characteristics of ultrathin ,light weight, small occupied space . Besides,they have high efficiency of  energy conversion , low consumption, adopting the full band design to get the result of wide directivity and low distortion. They are mostly used for mobile phones, MP3, MP4, DVD, GPS navigators, digital photo frame, notebook computers, telephones, portable DVD, bluetooth, etc.
    According to the sound channel,the mobile phone speaker is divided into three parts of mono, dual channel, stereo. In the mono audio equipment, you can only feel the  front and rear position of the sound and music ,the size of the tone and volume, but you can not feel the movement of the voice from left to right. Saying popularly is that there are two voice channels , in the circuit their own transmission of electrical signals are not the same, during the process of the electro acoustic experts pursuing the stereo, due to the technical limitations, in the earliest time only achieved by using two channel , so now the stereo and dual channel seems to have become one thing.