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  • 25/06/2014
    Working Principles and Categories of Telephone Speakers

    Telephone has been an extremely important telecommunication tool for people in modern world. Using the telephone to send and receive information is the fastest way to communicate with other people. You must be very familiar with the telephone, but how much do you know about the telephone parts? The telephone allows people to talk by functioning two main components which are the telephone speaker and the telephone microphone. When the person on the other side speaks to you, you can hear his voice through the telephone speaker. But in order to protect privacy, people also use the earphone to hear the voice. Then, what is the telephone speaker after all?
    The telephone speaker is a type of electronic component, and it is composed of many different telephone speaker parts. The telephone speaker manufacturers explain the working principle of the telephone speaker for us. There are a variety of types of telephone speakers available in the market, but they share the same working principle. The telephone speaker generates sound when the air is vibrated mechanically. Then, air dielectric generates certain fluctuation to create rhythmed sound. The whole process is the conversion from electricity to sound. The rhythmed sound can be different due to the characteristics of different telephone speakers.
    At the moment, telephone speaker provided by the telephone speaker suppliers includes single track telephone speaker, double track telephone speaker, and stereophonic sound telephone speaker. Wherein, the single track telephone speaker was widely used when telephone was firstly invented. Later, the double track telephone speaker was used on the phone for better sound effect. At present, the stereophonic sound telephone speaker is widely used because the telephone has been gifted with the function of a walkerman. People use the telephone to enjoy music or listen to speeches with the stereophonic effect. No matter which place you are at in your house, you can hear the same sound effect. 
    A telephone speaker is very useful, but it is also fragile. When people are careless, the telephone may fall down onto the ground. The telephone speaker can be noisy or even assonant. This is because of the broken telephone speaker parts. When you counter such situation, you do not need to worry because you can get a new one from the telephone speaker suppliers at very low price. You can have a professional to replace it for you, and you can enjoy the convenience brought by your telephone again.