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  • 27/06/2014
    Telephone Speaker: Aloud Your Love

    Telephone speaker is a kind electro-acoustic device turns electrical energy into sound energy. There are many different types of loudspeakers, according to their transducer principles, it can be divided into electric (i.e. moving coil), electrostatic (i.e. capacitive), electromagnetic (i.e. reed) and piezoelectric (i.e. crystal type) four categories. Although they work in different ways, they push the surrounding air through producing mechanical vibrations, then the air medium fluctuations in order to achieve "power - power - sound" conversion.
    Speaker phone includes a single channel, dual channel, stereo three kinds.
    In mono audio equipment, you can feel front and rear position, tone and volume size of the sound or music, while you can not feel such lateral movement from left to right. Mono is a more primitive form of sound reproduction and the early audio card uses it more common. Popular to say is that there are two sound channels, when played back through two mono speakers' information, we can clearly feel the sound is transmitted to the middle from the two speakers in our ears. , Each of the circuit they are often transmitted signal is not the same.
    Double channel has two audio channels; the principle is that when people hear the sound, they can determine the specific location of the sound source through the phase difference between the left and right ear. Due to technical limitations, acoustic scientists can only take dual-channel to achieve their goals in the pursuit of the stereo process in the earliest times. That's why it seems that dual-channel and stereo are become a thing. Indeed, the principle of stereo is from dual channel. In modern times, stereo is the best choice for not only for customers, but also for telephone speaker suppliers and telephone speaker manufacturers.
    Telephone speaker parts include magnets, voice coil, diaphragm, protective shell, and shrapnel and so on. Their design determines the quality of the telephone speaker. Front cavity, forming from the cabinet level and cushion, mainly avoid interference of sound waves around the chamber, when designed, it is essential to take full account of its space to reduce the influence on the output sound pressure. Intracavity, which is also designed to avoid interference of sound waves around the cavity, makes an empathy and three-dimensional sense. The sound issues through the sound hole, the size of which will affect the frequency.
    Because of the presence of the SIM card, chassis lid place and the headphone jack, in the mobile phone design process, leak hole can not be avoided. To prevent sound waves interfere with each other, it had better stay as far away from the sound hole. That might be useful information for both telephone speaker suppliers and telephone speaker manufacturers.