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  • 11/07/2014
    The Introduction for Varies of Installation of Ceiling Speaker

    The arrangement of the ceiling speaker on the ceiling is associated with the height of the room. More precisely speaking; it is related to the height of an imaginary plane of the listener's ear and the height of ear is affected by the listener who is sitting in office or standing in the galleries. Because most of radiations angle of the cone shape of ceiling speaker is 90 degrees, the relative interval of each ceiling speaker approximately equal to the diameter that ceiling speaker radiation angle makes a projection on the imaginary plane of listener's ear. How to install the ceiling speaker, do you know?
    According to some scientific study about it, there are some points for installation of ceiling speaker need to note, said ceiling suppliers. These points are the following main methods, which are provided by 10w ceiling speaker manufacturers, of placement of ceiling speaker. First one proposal is centralized placement; speaker centralizes in the center of ceiling. It has some advantages, which have a simple connection and a less use of wire. Meanwhile, it's easy to find the place of origin of voice, and make a voice naturally. Every coin has two sides; it also has some advantages, it can easily cause a squealing, but can't get much volume on the microphone. In the expense, it needs a lower price.
    Second one proposal is decentralized placement; the ceiling speaker is installed in a decentralized way that some ceiling speaker is installed in the each corner of ceiling. It can improve the ratio of direct sound, and have a distribution of sound and a less prone squealing. On the contrary, its sense that the sound makes people have a feeling is bad. In the expense, it needs a middle price.
    The last one proposal is centralized and decentralized placement, this method of installation of ceiling speaker adopt a theory that the advantage that first one proposal have make up the scarcity that second one proposal have, and the advantage that second one proposal have make up the scarcity that first one proposal have. In fact, the method is that the ceiling speaker is installed in the center and corner of ceiling. Actually, it has a great result in the way to install the speaker. Unfortunately, the last one proposal has a complex operation system; even the consumer of speaker should spend much money on the last one proposal. This money seems a summation of first one and second one.
    In contrast to all proposals, we know that the last one proposal is the best proposal that people, who come to a shop where sell ceiling speaker, will intend to choose it firstly in ideal situation. But many consumers can't afford expensive expense; they have to choose the first one proposal or the second one proposal. In a word, what proposal you choose should consider to your economic burden more carefully.