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  • 17/09/2015
    Ways to Install Ceiling Speakers With Insulation

    Ceiling speakers improve the sound distribution of the home entertainment system. The speakers are also out of sight and do not require shelf or floor space. Installing ceiling speakers requires some basic carpentry, drywall and electrical skills. The project is easier if the attic space above the room is unfinished. The installation process requires about a day of time and can be accomplished by most do-it-yourselfers.

    1.Plan the locations for the speakers slightly behind and to each side of the common listening position. Use a stud finder to locate ceiling joists. Select a position between the joists.

    2.Drill a small hole in the ceiling at the planned speaker location. Poke a stiff wire through the hole. Crawl into the attic and check location of the wire. Confirm there are no electrical wires or other obstacles within 10 inches of the wire. Temporarily move the insulation from around the planned speaker locations.

    3.Tape the template to the ceiling. The template is a paper or cardboard mock up of the area that must be cut out. Mark the cut lines on the ceiling.

    4.Cut along the lines using a drywall saw. Remove the waste drywall material. Vacuum up the dust created by the sawing process before it is tracked around the home.

    5.Fasten the speaker into the opening using the included clamps or screws depending on the system. Attach the speaker wire to the proper connectors above the ceiling. Press the insulation back around the speaker. Remove any blown in insulation around the speaker location and replace with friction-fit insulation.

    6.Run the speaker wires across the top of the ceiling to the wall. Drill a hole just inside where the ceiling joins the wall. Push the wires through the hole and pull down to the sound system location.